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About Anthroscopic Shoulder Surgery

Anthroscopy is regarded to be a procedure this is used by orthopaedic specialists to diagnose, inspect and rectify the issues that takes place within the joint. Shoulder Arthroscopy Cost in India can be undertaken without having to bother about the cost. Even the Indian doctors are highly qualified and do offer world standard services and excellent treatment.

About anthroscopic surgery on the shoulder

While performing this surgical procedure, the surgeons are said to insert a small camera known as arthroscope into the shoulder joint area. The tiny video camera when inserted projects images of what is inside onto the TV screen. This helps the surgeon to be better guided to use the miniature surgical instruments for repairing the damage caused within the joint. It has become a common procedure that is being performed on patients since the 1970s. It has only helped treatment, diagnosis and recovery from the surgery, much faster and easier. Besides this, the person also experiences less pain after the surgery and the time taken to recover is also less.

When is this surgical remedy recommended?

In case the person does not respond properly to non-surgical treatments then the orthopaedic specialist might recommend him/her to undergo arthroscopic shoulder surgical procedure. There may arise few causes related to shoulder discomfort that can include inflammation leading to stiffness, swelling, injury, pain, age associated wear & tear, overuse, etc. Few common procedures include the following:

  • Rotator cuff repair
  • Ligament repair
  • Repair or removal of labrum
  • Bone spur removal
  • Loose cartilage or inflamed tissue removal
  • Recurrent shoulder dislocation removal

What occurs during this procedure?

The procedure is performed by a qualified and experienced orthopaedic specialist within a day surgery room or operating room. The patient will be positioned in a manner to make it easy for the surgeon to adjust properly and correctly the arthroscope, so as to have better look of internal part of the shoulder joint. Beach chair and lateral decubitus position are the common positions that are recommended by the surgeons. All hair is removed from the site and then antiseptic solution is applied and spread on the skin for cleaning the surface. Shoulder is then draped using sterile pads and the patient’s arm is to hold a device to ensure it is in place and intact.

The surgeon then injects a fluid within the shoulder to clean and inflate the joint region. It helps to get better view of the structures. A tiny button hole incision is made for inserting the arthroscope. Once the specialist identifies the issue clearly, then small instruments are used to repair it. Such specialized instruments are meant for carrying out various types of tasks which includes grasping, cutting, tying, suturing and shaving. Once the surgery is completed, the incisions are closed with small band aid type structures known as Steri-Strips or stitches. The surgery site is covered with large, soft bandage.

What to expect after undergoing shoulder arthroscopy?

In majority of the cases, the patient can return back home on the very day of having the surgery. But if there is used general anaesthesia, then someone has to drive the person home. But some patients might require overnight stay at the hospital.

Few things to know after having undergone the arthroscopic procedure

  • Incision care: Small incisions are to be cleaned and dried completely. Dressings need to be kept for few days and should be light. At times, the dressing is likely to drain in the initial 24 hours. However, it will stop. If bleeding still does not stop then discuss it with the orthopaedic specialist in India.
  • Shoulder immobility: How much movement can be made with the shoulder will entirely depend upon what was performed at the time of surgery. The doctor is sure to provide the necessary instructions that are to be followed sincerely. The shoulder will be held with a swath, brace or sling after the procedure.
  • Medications: Some medications will be recommended to curb pain, which usually will be in pill form.

With Shoulder Arthroscopy Cost in India being competitive, there is no need why patients should prolong their search or wait for undergoing the procedure and face unbearable pain.