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Know about the Best Cancer Specialist in India

Introduction to Cancer as a disease

Cancer is considered to be one of the most dangerous disease. You might only come across one among millions who have recovered from cancer. Treating cancer is not everyone’s cup of tea. It not only consumes a lot of money but at the same time requires a lot of patience and support from the relatives to fight this horrendous disease. Cancer as a disease can be known at an early stage by being acquainted with the symptoms of the disease. The symptoms of Cancer are as following

  •         Fatigue is one of the most common symptoms of Cancer
  •         A portion of thickening might be felt beneath the skin
  •         The skin might change its colour. If you evidence that your skin is turning yellow, and even after consulting with the skin specialist, you are not able to recover from the same, then its better to show it to a cancer specialist.
  •         Weight loss is also a prevalent symptom amongst those who suffer from cancer
  •         There might be trouble in digestion of the food for those who suffer from cancer
  •         Other symptoms include persistent joint pain, fevers, trouble in swallowing food.

Hence, if you encounter any of such symptoms then it is strongly recommended that you visit a doctor as soon as possible without making a further delay. Even if you aren’t showing all of the symptoms as mentioned above and just some of them, then also it is strictly advisable to visit the doctor as soon as possible to be on a safer side.

How cancer diagnosis is done?

The specialists in Cancer better known as doctors try to find out any abnormal lump on your body and if they come across any such lump that would suggest it to be an existence of tumour. After the completion of the physical exam, the doctors would proceed towards normal laboratory tests, that comprises of tests pertaining to the urine and blood tests. The blood test might reveal the number of White blood cells in the body. If the number is abnormal then the doctors would proceed towards other diagnosis methods. By other diagnosis methods, the doctors would adopt the MRI, Ultrasound and X- Ray that would help them to get the visual image of the lump that was earlier suspected as cancer. After getting a visual image for the same, the doctor would proceed towards the biopsy procedure where the doctors would confirm the patient whether the lump created is Cancer or not. If the lump turns out to be cancer then the patient along with his family has to make up their mind to proceed with the treatment for the same and to go through the extent stages of the Cancer.

Best Specialist for Cancer in India

India has emerged out in past few years in treating and curing cancer both technologically and medically. Thus, further this article will deal with the best Cancer specialist in India.

Dr. Suresh Advani works as the Director of the Medical Oncology Department in Mumbai and is considered to be one of the most renowned oncologists of the country. He has an over 50 years of experience in this field. He is an expert in Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy which is considered to be the hardest methods out of all throughout the Cancer treatment. He is the only doctor in the country who has successfully completed the bone marrow transplant. It is for the first time that such a transplant effectively took place in our country. Apart from him, the other doctor is Dr. Vinod Raina who has over 30 years of experience in the field of oncology but is known to be the first doctor to have successfully completed the high dosage chemotherapy over a patient. His expertise is not just confined to the chemotherapy part but he has proficiency over other malignant disease like Blood tumour.  Dr. Nalini Kilara being a lady doctor has an expertise over the field of chemotherapy and Bone marrow transplant and she is based in Bangalore.