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Try This Healthy Nutritious Modak for Ganeshotsav

Prasad Modak of Ganpati’s favorite Indeed, a person who does not like Modak does not really like Modak. What is the name of a boiled egg coconut? Conspiracy There are many experiments on this product recently. One of them is the Molasses of Chocolate. Generally, they are a modak beetle in a sweet shop. Among them, one more modak is looking to make their place. Just eat Foods’ Healthy Modak.

Moderate Dr. Vidya Kshirsagar has prepared these healthy modes by doing extensive research on health issues. These modes are prepared from wheat, green peas, jaggery, sesame seeds, and pure cows.

These modes are available in the form of cardamom and nutmeg. Another feature of this beekeeper is that more than 30 days of Modak are kept. Therefore, it is appropriate to serve as a prasad at home and take them to the outer world.

Recently, people have eaten sweets and eat poisoned food. Also, components such as starch, sugar, and orchards are harmful to the body. That is why these components are not used in this moda at all. Dr. Vidya Kshirsagar produces Modak under the ‘Just It’ brand of Sakus Foods.

Steps for making modak

  1. Add the jaggery and coconut to a saucepan, allow the jaggery to melt and mix with the coconut and let the excess water dry out.
  2. Mix rice flour with hot water and make it into a nice hard dough.
  3. Roll out small rounds of the rice mixture.
  4. Place the coconut-jaggery mixture in the middle.
  5. Pull all the edges together and pinch at the top so it becomes small airtight pouch.
  6. Place this pouches on a greased plate. Steam the plate for about 20 minutes.
  7. The modak’s are ready!