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You can Increase platelets using these 5 substances

Changing environments cause diseases like dengue, malaria, and more. It is difficult to have two hands in such a condition. After dengue, blood platelets in the body are more widely used. This will make you feel the difference immediately after adding 5 substances to the Diet.

Beat and Carrots

There are more antioxidants in the beta season. This increases the resistance to the body. If you drink a glass of juice of beta for two to three days, then blood platelets are more likely to increase.

Juice of papaya and papaya leaves

Papaya is very important to increase the body’s resistance and increase blood platelets. Papaya is just as beneficial as drinking juice or juice. You should also get the juice of papaya leaf if you get it. Boil the papaya leaves in water and drink it. This water will be like green tea.

Pumpkin juice

Pumpkin is more effective. Take the pumpkin juice and take 2 teaspoon honey and drink it. Which will help to grow platelets in the body.


Gulzell’s juice helps in raising white blood cells. After dengue, it should be consumed daily. Due to the increase in blood plates the immune system increases.

Red fruit and vegetables

Eating tomato, plum, watermelon, cherry-like fruits and vegetables increases the number of anti oxidants in addition to vitamins and minerals. This helps to increase blood platelets in the body.